Liteblue Login

LiteBlue is an important tool for USPS employees, providing them with a secure and convenient way to manage their employment information and stay updated with the latest USPS news and announcements. It serves as a central hub for accessing personal employment data, communicating with peers, and managing work-related details.

Steps to Login:

  1. Open Your Web Browser: Start by opening your preferred web browser on your computer or mobile device.
  2. Navigate to LiteBlue: Go to the LiteBlue login page by entering the URL: in your browser’s address bar.
  3. Enter Your Employee ID: You will see a login form on the LiteBlue homepage. Enter your USPS Employee ID in the designated field. Your Employee ID is an 8-digit number that can be found on your earnings statement or identity card.
  4. Enter Your USPS Password: Next, input your USPS Self Service Password (SSP). This password is also used for other USPS self-service applications, such as eOPF, PostalEASE, etc.
  5. Submit Your Login Details: After entering your Employee ID and SSP, click on the “Log On” button to access your LiteBlue account.

Login Requirements:

  • USPS Employee ID: You must have your USPS Employee ID. It is an 8-digit number provided by the USPS to its employees.
  • USPS Self Service Password (SSP): You need a valid SSP. If you haven’t set up your SSP, you can do so by visiting the Self Service Profile application available through LiteBlue.


LiteBlue is incredibly important for USPS employees. It makes it easy and safe for them to get to their job information anytime they need it. With LiteBlue, employees can stay up to date with USPS news, talk to their coworkers, and handle their work details without any trouble. It’s a one-stop spot for everything they need related to their job at USPS. By following the simple login steps and making sure they meet the login requirements, employees can take full advantage of LiteBlue to manage their employment information efficiently.